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Landscape design to Mike’s is the art of enhancing a natural landscape with the skillful placement as well as artistic vision for the four key elements of design: Hardscaping, Softscaping, Wooden Structures and Accent Lighting.

Mike’s designer takes the time to understand the needs as well as the wants of each client, creating a unique, personal and never reproduced landscape design.

Because our clients meet with the designer, they have the opportunity to discuss concepts and form a relationship with the person who, essentially, draws their ideas onto paper. Mike’s offers designs for full or partial properties as well as visual diagrams for all scales of projects such as stone stairs and walls, flagstone walks and patios to fences, decks and structural drawings.

Our designer discusses and works with Mike’s landscape installers, who rise above methodically and skillfully to construct the perfect full scale reproduction of what was once just an idea.

Four Key Elements of Landscape Design

Elements, such as patios, walkways and driveways, that provides structure to your overall design.

Plants, shrubs, trees and soil are softscape elements of landscape architecture. Developing a good design requires a thorough knowledge of plant characteristics, structure and texture.

Wood Structures:
Gazebos, Pergolas and arbors can create beautiful and dramatic focal points for your landscape. In a proper design, wood structures can increase your privacy and add an enjoyable new dimension to your property.

Use accent and/or spot lighting to create a beautiful night mood for your design. Your illuminated landscape provides an appealing backdrop when entertaining family and friends.

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