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Landscape maintenance to Mike’s is the continuous action of preserving and sustaining the vitality of a landscape to be healthy, clean, safe and attractive.

We provide seasonal maintenance for lawn and garden that will suit both budget and schedule. Offering, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service along with easy invoicing allows our clients extra time to enjoy the best of the seasons.

Our professional and knowledgeable employees provide our client’s gardens and lawns with the precise and consistent care they deserve to keep looking beautiful year after year. We continue to bring such service by supplying well maintained equipment and tools needed for best performance in our Northern climate.

Four Key Components of Maintenance

Spring Clean-Up:
A onetime clean of winter collected leaves and natural debris. We offer the option having refuse blended into natural surroundings or removed from site. Clean-ups can include upon request garden or lawn revitalizing with maintenance or the addition of new soil, mulch or compost.

Lawn Care:
We provide our clients with clean grass cuts and trims around gardens, driveways, pathways, and other objects. Each season provides lawns with new priorities; let us also include scheduled aeration, dethatching, and rolling, top-dressing, seeding and finally fertilizing opportunities to give you the lush lawn, having your neighbors green with envy.

Garden Care:
Regular garden care includes cultivation of the soil, weed removal and a clean edge. Pruning of shrubs, perennials and ornamental trees as needed. All gardens are not the same therefore, we offer other services for hedge pruning, plant division and re-planting, fertilizing as well as patio and walkway maintenance. We can also schedule for supply and install spring and fall bulbs or plant annuals in your gardens and or planters.

Fall Clean-Up:
Clean-ups are scheduled for the October and November months for fallen leaves, branches and debris. We can also include a garden winterizing with the pruning of shrubs and perennials, annual plant removal, rose care, and or burlapping of specific species.

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