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At Mike’s Landscaping, we create landscape designs with our clients.

Using a collaborative project management approach, we find innovative ways to integrate your needs and desires into the natural landscape, resulting in a unique outdoor space that represents you. While bringing our creative vision to life, we keep the important elements of any project in priority: staying on schedule, on budget and ensuring consistent communication every step of the way.

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Our relationship starts with a consultation with one of our landscape designers. During this time, we discuss your ideas and objectives and how we they can best fit into the natural landscape.


After the consultation, we craft a proposal for the design work that will fulfill your wants and desires and present you with a contract that covers the potential scope of the project.

On-Site Analysis

With approval of the contract, we schedule a site visit to take measurements, photos and review the property.

Concept Plans

Now, we’re getting down to the specifics of the project with a base plan and proposed design concepts. We invite you to review the concept plans with us, ensuring that we’re delivering on the original vision for your landscape. Together, we will make necessary amendments, and we will provide you an estimated cost of the proposed construction.

Final Design Plan

It’s time to finalize the concept for your landscape design into a cohesive plan, identifying every element and material that will make your dream landscape a reality. We will also go over the final estimate and schedule.


Leave the organization to us! We’ll order the materials, secure locations and permits. Pulling all the details together and keeping you informed, we will ensure a smooth construction of your landscape design.


We’re getting hands on, with our crew, foreman and equipment on site. Along with weekly reports on the progress of your design, we invite you to speak with us or the foreman on site at any time. In any project, we keep disruptions and mess to a minimum.

Project Assessment

Together, we will do a walk through of the project to identify any issues, unfinished work or answer any questions. We will resolve any issues or incomplete items before the project is considered completed.

Project Completion

This is the part we enjoy most: meeting with you once your design is complete and you’re 100% satisfied with the result.


If you’ll allow us to show off property, we will bring a photographer to the site to capture the beauty and individuality of your landscape for use in publications and award submissions.